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Caffitaly Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Variety Pack

  • Sampler Pack for Coffee Lovers. Includes the following varieties:
  • SOAVE: Intensity 6/10 Pure Arabica espresso, with the full-bodied taste of Central-South American coffee, offering a pleasant and well-balanced rich flavor with intensity of 6/10
  • DECISO: Intensity 10/10 Blend of Asian Robusta, which has a strong distinct character, softened with Arabica to enhance its aromatic qualities. Intensity 10
  • ROBUSTO: Intensity 10/10 A smooth, full-bodies espresso with a rich flavor and excellent body with notes of bittersweet cocoa and dark chocolate with intensity of 10/10
  • DECA: Intensity 5/10 Decaffeinated Coffee, A careful selection of the highest qualities, each decaffeinated individually to obtain a caffeine-free blend without affecting the taste or aroma. The optimal roasting level gives a constant and reliable quality standard.

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